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Advanced Cranial Pathologies Seminar Series

Treating Migraines & Upper Cervical Dysfunctions ( 14 hrs)

Treating Post-Concussion Syndrome (14 hrs)

Treating the Vestibular System: ENT, Sinus, & TMJ Disorders (21 hrs)



includes Certificate of Completion

This series is Level III of our Cranial Osteopathy Certification Program

Levels I & II are pre-requisites for participating in this series

please click here to read the course curriculum for Levels I & II

if you believe that you qualify to be exempt from Levels I & II please email our Instructor

Treating Migraines & Upper Cervical Dysfunctions


In this two day workshop, we will address the Upper Cervical Dysfunctions that develop as a result of Cranial Traumas. You will learn how to identify the symptom profile of Upper Cervical Disorders, behavioral signs, physiological causes & mechanical symptoms, the C0-C1 cervical junction, and how upper cervical dysfunctions lead to body imbalances. Learn Osteopathic Treatment Protocols for realigning the C0 - C1 junction, increasing mobility of the atlas, as well as complete protocols for Cervical - Thoracic region.   

 Treating & Managing Post Concussion Syndrome


This two day Workshop will teach you the Mechanics of Post Concussion Syndrome and its associated Migraines, including Frontal Impact & Side Impact Injuries, the Coup-Contre-Coup Effect, torsions & how they affect the Spheno-Basilary Symphesis (SBS), shockwaves & how they impair the flow of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid (CSF). Patient evaluation & identifying the multi-factorial symptom profile and recovery potential of Post Concussion syndrome will be practiced and reviewed. You will learn Osteopathic treatment Techniques & Protocols for Acute and Chronic Cranial Trauma cases and associated Vascular Migraines , with special emphasis on patient management for maximum recovery. 

 Treating Vestibular Dysfunctions and the ENT System: Vertigo, Sinus, & TMJ


This two day Wokshop will address the most common problem areas related to ENT & vestibular disorders: Part I will address treating sinusitis with osteopathy, identifying various types of sinusitis & techniques to improve sinus drainage via the ethmoid bone & spheno-palatine ganglion. Learn how cranial dysfunctions contribute to TMJ dysfunction, and basic treatment protocols for correcting TMJ dysfunction. Part II will progress to more advanced treatment protocols including correcting trigeminal nerve impingement in TMJ syndrome due to dental work & due to childhood developmental disorders, and how myofascial chain links contribute to with TMJ syndrome. We will then learn how the mechanics of vestibular disorders & inner ear dysfunction can cause cause Vertigo, Nystagmus, Meuniere's disease & practice treatment protocols for correcting vestibular disorders and their implication in the entire ENT system.  

                   What you Need to Know about Our Workshops:

Practitioners register for the entire series. If there is space, one month prior to the series dates, Practitioners will be allowed to register for one individual Workshop.

Our Instructor has over fifteen years of experiencing in the Osteopathy in the Cranial Field and is the author of the accompanying Manuals

Workshops are taught in a clear & engaging manner. Complex concepts are presented in an easy to understand manner, so you learn more, faster

Each Participant receives a Manual containing detailed explanations of conditions, step-by-step instructions for performing treatment techniques, and Treatment Protocols

Registration Fees are listed along with the seminar curriculum below

Practitioners can register for any one individual seminar or for the entire seminar series at a discount

We accept maximum of 12 Participants to ensure plenty of of individually supervised practice time

Our seminars are accredited for CEUs by various Professional Associations throughout Ontario. To learn more, click here

About Your Instructor for these Workshops:

   Maureen N. Maher, BA, DO(Qc), DOMP, SOC

To read the Osteopathic Clinical Training & Experience of the Instructor for this series, click here

To read about our Registration Policies & Procedures, click here

Refining your Cranial Palpation Skills Half Day Practice Workshop

Practice makes perfect!

This Workshop will give you an opportunity to refine some aspects of your cranial palpation and treatment skills so you can treat that next patient with confidence.

Would you like to incorporate more Cranial Osteopathy into your Practice feel out of practice?

Perhaps you have taken our CRI Intro course, or your exposure to Cranial Osteopathy in your DOMP training was very limited, and feel you need some one-on-one time with an Expert Instructor to help you perfect your technique.

How do you know if this Workshop is for you?

* you are unsure of your hand position, suture, or cranial bone location *

* you are unsure of the Cranial Rhythmic Movement of each cranial bone *

* you are unsure of exactly how each cranial bone moves in relation to each other *

* you want to review treating the SSB (occiput & sphenoid) that drives the entire cranial mechanism *

* you are not sure how to increase the amplitude of the Cranial Rhythmic Impulse *

* you need help identify classic patterns of cranial dysfunction *

* you can identify torsions and strains but are unsure where to start with your treatment *

* when you perform a CV4 you are unsure of your hand position *

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