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Our Registration and Participation Policies

(updated November 2023)

All students who enroll in one of our courses, live or online, are responsible for reading our registration policies below before enrolling and are required to confirm that they have read and agree to abide by our policies when enrolling. Since we strive to make our policies readily available and transparent to all, a student cannot enroll in a course then later claim they were not made aware of our policies. Please do take the time to read. Thank you.​

Enrollment Fees In Person Classes

Since resuming in person classes in June 2023, we have created a payment method where students can pay 50% of the enrollment fee when signing up and providing all of the registration information, then 50% one week before the class in due to start.  The online enrollment system will keep your credit card information securely encripted after you make your initial payment and we will manually process the 2nd payment one week before class start date.  Students are not considered to be fully registered until the total enrollment fee is paid.  You also have the option of paying the entire enrollment fee when first signing up to ensure your place is reserved in the class (a recommended option if the class is a small group with limited number of participants accepted.)

Minimum Participation

We require a minimum confirmed attendance of six participants for courses or seminars to be held as scheduled. We will advise previously registered Participants within one week prior to a scheduled seminar if it will be rescheduled due to insufficient participant registration.


Conversely, some courses have a maximum number of participants allowed and reserve the right to close or limit registration if we have achieved our maximum capacity.


Should a seminar or course be postponed or be rescheduled, your enrollment fee will be applied to the next dates. We guarantee to reschedule a course within the next three months. If we are unable to reschedule the seminar within three months, Practitioners who previously registered for the postponed course or seminar can apply for a refund. Under these circumstances, no processing fee for refunds is required. Students cannot request a refund for a course that has been postponed or rescheduled until it is concluded that the course cannot be rescheduled within the three month period. If the course cannot be rescheduled within the guaranteed three month period, the student will be promptly refunded once the announcement is made. Due to the costs and efforts invested when planning a course, students cannot enroll in a course then request a refund due to work family, or vacation plans or due to changes of venue or course dates.   Enrolled students can apply to transfer their registration to another Practitioner provided the Practitioner is sufficiently qualified to take the course.

Courses are rarely rescheduled but these policies are in place in case of unforseen circumstances such as the need for a change of venue, illness of the Instructor, or unforseen date changes to a course to ensure we meet the minimum enrollment for a course to be confirmed.

Non-Attendance Policy

Our courses and seminars are designed and known for small groups with alot of individual attention provided by our Instructors. 


The Center for Continuing Education of Osteopathy & Manual Therapy does not offer refunds to Practitioners who register then later chose not to participate for personal reasons. Educational Institutions incur and commit to great financial expenses well in advance of the seminar date that cannot be reimbursed or deferred at the whim of Participants.


Practitioners who register and pay for any of our courses or seminars, then find they cannot participate for personal emergency medical reason can apply for a credit to be applied to future courses. This decision is made on a case by case basis. Please be advised that a Doctors Letter attesting to a valid reason for missing a seminar may be required for a Practitioner to be allowed defer their registration to a later date.

Refunds for Cancelled / Postponed Courses or Seminars

Courses or Seminars that are postponed due to insufficient registration are usually rescheduled within three months to allow for additional registration of participants. If a Practitioner who previously registered for a course or seminar that is postponed cannot participate in the seminar at its rescheduled time for valid medical reasons only can apply for a refund. The refund will be issued with 5% processing fee. In the event of unforseen circumstances or "force majeur" where a course must be postponed, additional time beyond the usual three month grace period might be required.

Certificates of Completion

We cannot refund a Participant once they are registered due to any confusion or lack of inquiry on their part regarding the actual number of CEUs their association recognises of our courses or seminars.  Please note that we cannot modify or edit our course Certificates of Completion in any way whatsoever to help a Practitioner fulfill their CEUs. Also, a Participant must be in attendance for the entire course to earn their Certificate of Completion. If a student must miss a portion of a course, they can make up the course the next time is it offered. Certificates will only be issued one the Participant has attended the entire course.

Lost or Damaged Personal Items

Disruptive Behavior

Each course or seminar has a pre-set curriculum and practice times designed for creating a positive group space where learning can occur, new skills can be integrated, and confidence gained. Because it is imperative that this atmosphere conducive to positive learning be created, we reserve the right to ask any participant who is repeatedly engaging in behavior that is disruptive, disrespectful to the Instructor, upsetting to other participants, or not in harmony with the purpose of the group to leave the course/seminar. Participants who are asked to leave will be reimbursed the amount proportional to the balance of the time of the course or seminars they will miss. Our Instructors reserve the right to ask a disruptive participant to leave at their discretion and we stand by their good judgement.


Please note that if you chose to participate in one of our seminars or courses, complete, sign, and submit the Registration Form, then you have agreed to abide by our policies, as is clearly stated on each Registration Form.


Thank you for choosing The Center for Continuing Education of Osteopathy and Manual Therapy for your Continuing Education needs.  We hope to bring you a standard of excellence beyond your expectations.

By enrolling in one of our courses and agreeing to our Registration Policies, you agree that we are not responsible for lost or damaged personal items arising from participation in any seminar or course we offer. We are also not responsible for personal injury or claim of personal injury resulting from participation in any of our courses or seminars. Course participants are required to have valid professional liability insurance and by participating in a course and agreeing to these Registration policies upon enrollment, agree to not hold the us responsible for any loss of property, personal injury or damage.

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